Colder Than Mars Demos

by Maiden Name



These tracks are some demos from an up-coming album to be released in 2015.


released March 15, 2015

thanks to Isaiah Bloom for the cover photo, and Peter Schweitzer ( for the website art!



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Maiden Name Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Mixtape
I’m gonna make you a fall mixtape
because those are the easiest to make
I used to walk up and down Chinese streets
pretend I was getting over some heartbreak
and I think I was grieving something that I couldn’t express
looking in the mirrorand make the saddest
face I could muster under florescent lights
and cry as I pedaled my bike into the night

I find that finding myself in
Justin Vernon’s falsetto arms
is the safest place to be
like being slowly rocked to sleep
under a blanket on a schooner in the north Norwegian sea
I feel torn between, timber and grasslands, bookstores and grandstands
notes and treatment plans, rough and milk-soft hands
failing and flailing, and we’ve only just begun.
it’s harder to feel like a failure when you’re defeated by the sun

I'm not torn, I'm just tired
my teeth get worn out quick,
it’s the way that they’re wired
they about give up on their legs
by the 8th-inning stretch
or 18-hour-days that don’t feel all that dire
oh, how they wish to be unrequired

Social issues night with my wife is twice as much fun
when our hearts are ripe with strife
and chafed as a nutter-butter-dry dry-run
and she walked through a periscope mounted on a question,
I had a dream last night, that a group therapy session
had been run for Aaron, and for me, and for Yoni and for Andy,
facilitated by Yalom and Whitaker, not Avery
we run along see, avoiding holding hand
if we did so, we’d run in a circle, and that’s not our plan
Track Name: Colder Than Mars
we go to malls when it snows and we don’t buy a thing
and hold keys to cars we don’t own on our rings
and when we lie down, I can feel the oxytocin flow
like the Mississippi runs in the spring
if we'd stuck to applied sciences,
we might have ended up with better appliances
but anthills pop up through the carpet, yeah
our apartment’s kind of an armpit, yeah
no pork at our parties, chicken is safest,
and in minneapolis sambusas are the greatest
orange fanta, sans-ice
goat, basta, injeera, rice

my wife swears the vikings are a hockey team
because of the ice
I correct her, "that's a basketball team, you know"
but I try to say it nice

we shop at the co-op, pick up some supplements at the food-shelf
we buy what we can from the farmers,
and then get what we can where we can wherever else.
pita or pancake? why is everyone snacking on my sidewalk?
spiced with ginger and mandrake!
I’m not gonna pick it up and put in my pocket
we drink what it see, drain it down, even up to the dregs
let it sit deep within us, like fruit juices in giraffe’s legs

what if to submerge is like the Abyss?
I mean the film from 1989
that I watched in 7th grade, with horror,
as that rat’s eyes met mine
he shrieked and tried not to drown,
but he couldn’t resist,
such a struggle in the brine
his lungs filled with water and he survived with clenched fists
[I mean paws, clenched paws]

its colder than mars here, and we import snow by the pounds
and doors are locked and closed,
from the first snow til the thaw of the ground
we’re all gonna die of loneliness, cozy with just ourselves,
only ourselves and a bottle of vodka taken down off the shelf
across the hall, paper thin walls, our salvation is bound up together
it’s not what we saw, but we heard the falls,
as we waited day and night through the weather
and if the sun ever comes out to greet us, we’ll beat it with a brick
and threaten, "if you ever try to defect again,
it’s over, we’ll finish the job, and this time we mean it."