Repeat (Single)

by Maiden Name

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released June 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Maiden Name Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Repeat
I know I’ve been known to be indirect, I come by honestly, possibly
But it’s been a rough year, hearts held in fear
So if you follow me I’ll speak to you candidly

I’ve been crying like my parents are dead to me.
I mean, they are dead to me
No funeral, just grief
Hope is not the sort of thing
I can see from the darker side of calvary

Had idea that I could write enough songs
To pour out of me all that had gone wrong
But the work of grief is oh-so thorough
Turns out you can’t sing your way out of sorrow

I’ve been angry, and I think that that’s okay
mostly exhausted by the that things I don’t say
thing with these family codes is that they don’t fade
Silence is peace, it’s not great, it’s just okay

If I could put into words
What I think needs to be heard
I’d just end up repeating
That same song, that sinking feeling

My dad is already balding, a step closer
No balking on that heart halting day of departure
I know the Lord will take him, fix him up good
So we can walk hand in hand, like we both wished we could

I will be sorry, on the day he dies’
But death is my hope, on the day that we’ll rise
I know that he’s struggled his whole ragged life
but I’m tired of being one of the ones to pay the price


I could be a good son to my father
or a good father to my son
not sure how I feel about that choice
but I know how I'll feel when I'm done